Thursday, October 8, 2015

Product Review: Firmoo Prescription Glasses

I've never needed eyeglasses or worn personality glasses before.  But whether you want to appear conservative or stylish, the right eye wear can really become a part of your lifestyle.  So when I received an email with the opportunity to pick out a pair I thought to myself, "Hmmmmm...I don't know."  Glasses are hard to pick out to begin with and I usually blog about makeup.  Then I said, "I might as well give it a shot!"

So I went to and browsed their selection of glasses.  Sections are divided between men's and women's frames. Then by eyeglasses, sunglasses, and daily new.  There are a huge variety of different frames and colors, as well as a try it on feature.  You can actually upload a photo of yourself so that you can see what each frame looks like on your face!

I chose frame item number FRM8004, in the color Black from the Women's Eyeglass collection.  I knew these would go with most of my outfits, and obviously black goes with anything.  On top of that, I wear black all the time!  I submitted my order and waited to receive them in the mail.

The glasses arrived quickly and I was excited to open the package!  After opening the package it included, the glasses, a pouch, a repair kit, and a nice case to keep them protected.  The case is pretty cool and trendy.  The print is definitely something that can easily be found in the bottom of a big junky purse.  Inside the case, the glasses came wrapped in a branded cleaning cloth.  I always appreciate an extra cleaning cloth. :)  After unwrapping the cloth, it was time to see how the glasses look! 

I really like these glasses.  But I only have one minor complaint....they sit crookedly on my face.  One side of the frame sits a little higher than the other.  I tried to straighten the glasses by bending the temples slightly, but I was afraid I would break the frames LOL!  Besides that, they are very comfortable to wear.

After wearing these for a while I thought, "Huh, these aren't so bad after all."  My thoughts on picking out frames from a website changed after I received compliments from friends and family.

It was really fun to go through Firmoo's website and find a pair of glasses that suits my face and style.  If you are a glasses wearer or just looking for personality frames, I'd highly recommend Firmoo.  They have quality frames for an inexpensive price. You can also get 15% off your first pair of frames.

*I received these from Firmoo in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are honest and my own.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bold Lips and Luscious Lashes

Try making a statement this fall by pairing bold lips and luscious lashes.  Lashes can take a look from just ordinary to bombshell.  There's a pair for everyone or you can apply individuals for a more natural look.  I usually wear strip lashes as shown below.  They give the eyes a slightly fuller look and more pop!  The lashes are weightless and can be worn both day and night.  If you're a lash novice using strip lashes, here's a tip -- measure, cut, and bend them to fit your lid.  Not all lashes fit every eye shape.  I struggled for a while with the application until I learned that trick.  I also learned to let the lash glue dry for about 30 seconds before applying them.  For beginners I suggest using E.L.F. cosmetics lashes.  They are inexpensive and you won't feel so bad if your ruin them with lash glue or cut them too short.
Wearing a bold lip can be as intimidating as wearing false lashes.  Lipstick smudges and can get on your teeth or anything you come in contact with.  The trick for the perfect bold lip is to prime your lips with concealer before applying.  You can also line the outer edges of your lips with a brush to prevent bleeding and make the lips look precise.  I used a dark lip liner and blended it with a red lipstick in the picture above.  Using a lip liner will make it easier when it's time to fill in the lips with lipstick.  I also applied a pigment to the center of the lips for a slight shimmer. 

So go for it, and don't be afraid to experiment with intense shades!  I hope this post got you feeling bold for fall.
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Monday, September 21, 2015

New Love for NYX Cosmetics

I'm a creature of habit and usually wear MAC eyeshadow then I came across NYX.  I purchased two colors (Wild Orchard and Ultra Violet) for the first time from the Hot Singles Eye Shadow collection.  Wild Orchard is a bright fuchsia eyeshadow and reminds me of the colors magenta and pink from the TV series Jem and the Holograms.  Whereas, Ultra Violet is a matte, dark, and very bold purple.  I love these because they are highly pigmented and super affordable.  The Hot Singles have a round packaging similar to MAC with a cute little bow on the lid.  They are also similar to MAC in size, so I'm sure they would fit into a palette.

When applying the shadow to my lid, I immediately noticed that the shadow goes on super smooth and the color payoff is amazing!  The color is buildable, and long wearing.  I decided to create a colorful smokey eye, using Wild Orchard as a transition shade right above the crease.  I packed Ultra Violet on the lid and slowly blended the color into the crease.  I hope you guys like the look I created below.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation - NC25
MAC Prolongwear Concealer - NW35
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium Dark
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Gold Deposit
MAC Blot Powder Pressed - Dark
MAC Frost Blush - Margin
NYX Eye Shadow - Wild Orchard
NYX Eye Shadow - Ultra Violet
MAC Eye Shadow - Soft Brown
MAC Prolongwear Paintpot - Painterly
E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeliner - Black
Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Mascara - Very Black
Ardell Lashes - #107
NYX Matte Lipstick - Indie Flick

I was really impressed with the Hot Singles Collection.  I highly recommend NYX eyeshadows to anyone who wants high quality eye shadow without the steep price tag.  For the price of $4.50 each, your can't go wrong!  I'll be purchasing a few more colors from this collection, so check back for more posts!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Product Review: Citrus Clear Acne Products

Throughout high school, my face was nearly 100% clear.  Of course I got an occasional zit here and there, but no major break outs.  College years...just about the same.  Fast forward to my 30's and now I need help with recurring blemishes and ugly blackheads!  That's when Citrus Clear comes handy.

Citrus Clear is a natural and holistic treatment for acne, sensitive skin, and all skin types.  They have a wide range of products that are all natural and organic.  The products in their line are geared towards reducing oil which we know can lead to breakouts.

A couple of weeks ago I received the below products for review. 

I thought I would get a mini review in on the Citrus Clear Sensitive Wash first, since I'm still trying out the other goodies I was sent.

Citrus Clear Sensitive Wash is a mild, non irritating wash that feels soothing after the skin is clean. The product comes in a clear 8 ounce pump bottle and the smell is so citrus-y, reminding me of fresh cut lemons.  One pump or a small amount of the gel type cleanser goes a long way.  It feels smooth and gentle on the skin and doesn't really foam up.  In fact, it's so gentle it removes every speck of makeup, dirt, and oil without leaving your face feeling harsh and dry.  This is so important to me because I use makeup wipes to remove foundation and eye makeup, then I wash my face with a cleanser to get rid of anything left on my face.  It's such a hassle to wash your face more than once, especially when you're tired and sleepy.  So does it hold up to my normal routine?  Definitely!  It cleanses my face very well and I don't have to do a double cleanse. 

Overall, I really like the face wash.  It's affordable and the cleanser worked to control the oiliness in my T-Zone area.  However, I'm not quite sure if it's helping with blemishes.  I can't wait to post an update and review all of the other fabulous products in the Citrus Clear line.

Have you ever tried Citrus Clear products?  If so, tell me your thoughts!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Simple Sleek Cat Eye

Back in January, I posted a giveaway and asked readers to comment on what type of makeup look they want to see on Makeup Not Down.  I received a request to create a Simple Sleek Cat Eye.  Now when it comes to a cat eye, it's all about the extended line.  Creating it can be intimidating but I have a few tricks for you.
  1. Add a base to prolong the wear of your makeup across the entire lid.  I used MAC Prolongwear Paintpot, it prevents the shadow from creasing.
  2. Apply a skin tone eye shadow to the lid and pat it with a flat brush.
  3. Take a color similar to MAC's Saddle eyeshadow and sweep it through the crease of your eye using wind shield wiper motions.  This will be a transition color to prevent any harsh eyeshadow lines.  
  4. Use another color similar to MAC's Embark eyeshadow and blend slightly below where you place the saddle eyeshadow.  This is gonna give you a very nice kind of defined crease.
  5. Using E.L.F Studio Cream Eyeliner and an eyeliner brush, start at the lash base and gradually build the eyeliner up.  Start very thin in the inner corner of your eye and work towards the outer portion.
  6. Using the same cream eyeliner make a flick, and go gently beyond the end of the eye so it matches up with the end of your eyebrow.
  7. Finish off the look with mascara and lashes.
Just remember to use the eyebrow as a guide to make sure the ends of the cat eye are symmetrical.  How far you go out depends on your own preference.  Try this at home. It's such an easy look to create once you get the hang of it!
MAC Studio Fix Foundation - NC25
MAC Prolongwear Concealer - NW35
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium Dark
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Gold Deposit
MAC Blot Powder Pressed - Dark
MAC Frost Blush - Margin
MAC Eye Shadow - Soft Brown
MAC Eye Shadow -Saddle
MAC Eye Shadow - Embark
MAC Prolongwear Paintpot - Groundwork
E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeliner - Black
Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Mascara - Very Black
Ardell Lashes - #107
MAC Lip Pencil - Cherry
Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick - Stoplight Red

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reverse Smokey Eye

I'm sure you're familiar with the classic smokey eye -- but if you want to try something different, you'll love what I created below.  Give your classic smoky eye a twist with this reverse version focused on the lower lash line.  Here’s how to do it with bright bold shadows, in eight easy steps:
  1. Add a base to prolong the wear of your makeup across the entire lid.
  2. Apply a skin tone eye shadow like MAC Soft Brown to the lid and blend through your crease.
  3. Using E.L.F Studio Cream Eyeliner draw a line along the upper lash line and extend the liner outward to create a wing similar to how you create a cat eye.
  4. Line your inner waterline with MAC Kohl eyeliner.
  5. Using the same eyeliner smudge the liner with a pencil brush across your lower lash line.
  6. Apply MAC Electric Eel eyeshadow on top of the smudged liner and gently blend it with a fluffy brush.
  7. Apply MAC Stars N' Rockets eyeshadow below Electric Eel and blend it more.  Slightly blending it out towards the end of the winged liner.
  8. Finish off the look with mascara and lashes.
Looking for something not as adventurous? Try using neutral colors on the lower lash line for the same stunning effect.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation - NC25
MAC Prolongwear Concealer - NW35
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium Dark
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Gold Deposit
MAC Blot Powder Pressed - Dark
MAC Frost Blush - Margin

MAC Eye Shadow - Soft Brown
MAC Eye Shadow - Electric Eel
MAC Eye Shadow - Stars N' Rockets
MAC Eye Kohl - Smolder
E.L.F. Studio Cream Eyeliner - Black
Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Mascara - Very Black
Mink Lashes 

Aboni Cosmetics Color Block Gloss - Unfinished Business

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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Winner of the Sweetheart Makeup Airbrush Kit is...

The giveaway is now closed and the winner is Cece Shogren!! Congratulations! Make sure to contact me at cj @ makeupnotdown dot com so I can get your contact info!

Thanks to everyone who entered. As always make sure to check the site for more giveaways....have a great week! :)

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Enter to Win: A Makeup Airbrush Kit - Courtesy of The Salon Outlet

Happy New Year!  How bout a giveaway to start your new year off right?!?! A big thanks to The Salon Outlet for providing the prize!  A while ago I blogged about all of the essential products makeup artists need.  This time around, I partnered up with The Salon Outlet to giveaway a Sweet Heart Multipurpose Makeup Airbrush Kit.   The giveaway is available to all of my subscribers and readers who live in the US.  YAY!  Now on to the giveaway....

This fabulous Airbrush Kit is valued at $69.99 and below is what you get.

1. Dual-Action Air Brush with three nozzles
  • Multipurpose High Performance Airbrush
  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Nozzle: 0.2mm,0.3mm,0.5mm
  • Dual-action Trigger Air/Fluid Control
  • 7cc Gravity Feed Fluid Cup
  • Air/Fluid Control Knob
  • Removable Needle and Nozzle Caps
  • Adjusting Screw in the back of the air brush
  • Built-in Teflon O-ring for nozzle cap
  • One 2cc Eye Dropper for dropping ink
  • Come with a small Nozzle Spanner
  • A Portable Storage Case
  • 360 degree circumvolve air brush holder and Air Filter
2. Mini Air Compressor:
  • Low noise and Oil free.
  • Charming heart-shaped design
  • Working pressure adjustable
  • Built-in Hot Protection Device
  • Automatic On/Off function for safe use
  • The Power Light will turn red to green while working.
  • Come with a UL listed AC Transformer.
  • One 6 Ft Air Hose with air proof rubber
3. Dimensions and Numbers to Know: Air Brush:
  • Nozzle:0.3mm
  • Fluid Cup: 7cc
  • Air Brush Size: 5-5/8" L x 1" W x 3-1/4" H
  • Nozzle Wrench: 1-5/8" L x 3/8" W
  • Eye Dropper 3" L
  • Storage Case Size 7-3/8" L x 4-1/4" W x 1-1/2" H
4. Air Compressor:
  • Power: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz (with US standard plug)
  • Working Pressure: 2-15 psi Max. Pressure 25 psi
  • Air Flow: 10.5 liters per minute
  • Compressor Size: 5" L x 4-1/2" W x 2-1/2" W
  • Power Cord: 6 Ft Air Hose:6 Ft (with two 1/8" connectors)
5. Peeking Inside the Box:

  • 1x Air Brush
  • 3x nozzles (0.2mm,0.3mm,0.5mm)
  • 1x Nozzle Wrench
  • 1x 2cc Eye Dropper
  • 1x Air Brush Holder
  • 1x Air Compressor
  • 1x Air Hose
  • 1x Air Filter
  • 1x AC Transformer
  • 1x Storage Case for Air Brush
  • 1x Instruction for Air Brush
  • 1x Instruction for Compressor

This giveaway is being run using Rafflecopter's awesomely cool widget which should be seen below! *whoo hoo*  If you are having trouble viewing the widget, please try the below:
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  • Make sure you have Javascript enabled on your computer.
  • Mandatory entries MUST BE DONE or all other entries do not count.
  • Each entry must be accomplished exactly as it's stated.
  • You can do each entry type ONE TIME ONLY unless otherwise specified.
  • If there is a "leave a comment" be sure the name you type is EXACTLY the same as the name you use in the form. (In order for me to verify your comment)
  • Make sure to leave a valid email address in the email field so I can contact you if you win.
  • If you already follow or like me via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram it's okay because the entries still count!
Sunday, January 11th, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST
This giveaway is only good in the continental US, no Hawaii or Alaska. Winner will be announced Monday, January 12th, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST Good luck! 
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