Monday, March 17, 2014

Every Makeup Artists Needs This Vital Equipment

There are certain things which not good make-up artist should do without - and some things which it’s just nice to have. Here are some things which every make-up artist should have in their make-up kit.

1. Avoid “double dipping” with a stainless-steel spatula and palette. Hygiene is of the utmost important for makeup artists - keeping brushes clean is crucial but it’s also a wonderful idea to remove just as much make-up through the pot while you think you’ll place and want it onto a clean steel palette so that you don’ t keep dipping your brush to the pot after you’ve been touching someone’s face from it.

2. Disposable wands - keeping along the hygiene theme it’s also a great idea to experience a selection of disposable lip wands and mascara wands - the eyes along with the mouth are particular places that bacteria can be transferred between clients which could potentially cause infection.

3. Cotton buds - are an essential component in any makeup kit, bathroom cupboard and in many cases baby bag - they may be just so handy for so many different things, don’t leave home without them. Should you dip the tip right into a spot of make-up remover they can come in extremely handy for removing odd wayward spots of make-up too.

4. Cleanser and Make-up Remover - lots of people turn up for professional make-up already wearing make-up of their very own - they don’t love to leave home without some kind of make-up. That’s why every good make-up artist should have some make-up remover and cleanser handy. It can be chosen in useful for adjustments.

5. Lip Scrub - it doesn’t matter how well you apply the lip gloss, if the surface is rough and chapped to start with you’ll never have the desired effect. A little lip scrub can make a realm of difference to luscious lips exfoliating the dead skin and leaving a soft, smooth base.

6. Tweezers - should be contained in every good make-up kit. This may sound obvious but it’s surprising how easy it is to forget something so small yet vital. Tweezers are crucial for positioning, fitting and applying false eyelashes along with removing straggly hairs from eyebrows etc.

7. If the client has long hair which frames the face area, hair clips - They are essential not merely for hairstylists but for makeup artists too - particularly. It can also stop the hair from getting stuck up in make-up.

8. Moisturizer - is essential to help create the right type of canvas to work your magic. Before you start to make use of any make-up at all, your skin must be properly hydrated.

9. Airbrush Kits - this really is a growing necessity to be in the kit of each good makeup artist. An airbrush kit can be used in a range of different ways from applying make-up, temporary tattoos and fake tanning - some could even be used for cake decorating just so long as they’ve been properly cleaned. Once you’ve mastered the art of an airbrush kit you’ll never go back.

10. False eyelashes and adhesive - you require a good collection of false eyelashes in your makeup kit at all times. You can create a natural look with enhanced volume using individual lashes or a very dramatic look with strip lashes - don’t ignore the adhesive and tweezers to provide you the job done.

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