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Crazy Hair

Erin aka @ertheear has written a very special guest post on how to give yourself highlights!  I love her writing style, her wonderful photography *giggles*, and her exceptionally crazy Cha Cha Coconuts life!  Highlights can add pizzazz to your hair and subtract years from your looks, but they take time and money if you get them done at a salon.  Luckily, you don’t have to be a pro to highlight at home. Here's Erin's do-it-yourself guide to home hair highlights.  Will any of my readers give it a try?  ~MakeupNotDown

So - it's that time of year - and you need a laugh? This post's for you. If you are so busy you don't even have time to read - just look at the pictures. They will be enough to give you holiday cheer.

You are over-tired, over-scheduled, over-shopped, over-spent and overwhelmed.

You need a quick pick-me-up. Your hair is looking drab and you have so many things to do and parties to go to that you don't have time to get to the salon. And then you call the salon and your girl and every other girl you've ever tried is booked 'til New Years. (you may have waited unitl the last minute - like you always do).

What do you do?? I'm here to tell you...

Disclaimer #1 - if you don't have big hair or feel emotionally attached in any way to your hair or don't have a sense of adventure - stop reading. If you have to have your hair cut to cover sparse patches - stop reading. If you freak out because your hair isn't "just so" - stop reading. If you want a good laugh - keep reading.
Disclaimer #2 - I am not a professional - although at the advanced age of 11 - my mom started teaching me the trade (and, no, she is not a professonal either).

Here are the deets:
Step 1 - go to your local drugstore and purchase either Revlon's Frost and Design or Loreal's Frost and Glow - these companies are so original with the product names. Either one - does the trick - and you can have highlights on the cheap! They should run you right around 10 bucks for the kit. The biggest detail here - you want the kit with the cap. More on this later...

Ok - now you're in business. Step #2 - open the box and read the directions if you feel like it - or follow my instructions if you trust me. The kit contains a cap, the chemicals (i.e. bleach) a mixing tray, gloves, a puller (more on this later), a plastic cap and a sample shampoo/conditioner. Put the cap on so that it snugly fits to your head - for some of us, ahem, with big heads, this is not too difficult. The cap has a tie for under your chin. You will look like an alien. You will scare your boyfriend, spouse, children, pets, neighbors, etc. Do this little at home project when you aren't planning on having anyone "popping by" to visit. It should look like this:

Step #3 - Take the "puller" thingy - kind of like a big toothpick with a hook on the end - the ones in the kits come nowadays in plastic - one end is the puller, the other end is what you can use to mix the formula. I have an old school one that is my favorite and should probably be kept away from children because it looks dangerous and could probably poke your eye out.

Use the puller to pull strands of hair through the pre-marked holes in the cap. NOTE: First-timers should not pull strands of hair as large as I have here in the demonstration. I have A LOT of hair. If you pull through as much hair as I have shown here - you will look like Lindsay Lohan. Start small. Think subtle highlights, not zebra chunks... ok - so the caps have a guide you can follow for framing your face - if you are starting subtle - then I suggest just pulling through every other hole - not every hole on the entire cap. and you don't really need to do your entire head all the way in the back. If you want a big, huge, blonde difference - go for the whole cap and have a friend help you - one that won't post your picture on facebook.

When you have acheived the desired amount of hair you want pulled through the cap, it will look something like this - again - please note - I have A LOT of hair to work with - so it won't look like quite as much in your glamour shot. And yes - I'm crazy for posting this on the Internet.

Step #4 - Mix the stuff (aka - bleach) - Take the powder from the packet and mix in slowly the "activating/conditioning" liquid or whatever they call it. Warning - do not inhale. Warning - do not get on your clothes, hands, etc. It's bleach people - I don't care what you call it - it's bleach. You will mix them together in the tray slowly until they form a paste like substance that looks like frosting from a can or icing. Do not eat. For freaks like me - it might be tempting. Anyway - mix it together and apply to your exposed hair that you have pulled through the cap. Don't get it on your other hair, your clothes, your floor, etc. Again - reminder - it's bleach. Apply it like you would ice a cake - that's the best description I can give you - mainly focus on the roots, not the ends - the ends will get it anyway and you don't want to fry them off. Apply the plastic bag looking cap over your cake-like head. For me - I like to add another winter hat over the plastic cap to speed up the highlighting process. When the heat from your head rises and is trapped in by the winter hat - it makes the color come up faster - simple chemistry, or physics, or whatever. Just the reason they put you under the heat thingy at the salon. They could have saved themselves lots of cash if they just bought cute hats like this:

So - follow the timing from the instructions - or eyeball it like I do. I wait until the color is not orange and not platinum and then I rinse it out. This here in the below photo looks almost 2 minutes from almost about right - then rinse, rinse, rinse with the cap still on until you get all the bleach out (I think the real directions tell you about 5 minutes).

Then slowly, slowly pull the cap off your head (trick - apply a little shampoo to you newly blonde hair to make it slippery) the cap will pull off your head much easier and, in my mind, makes it less likely to break off. Shampoo and condition, and condition a little more and then style your hair as usual. Voila! You have blonde highlights for the holidays!! Look at all the money you have saved.

Important Notes: If you screw up - you will end up spending more than you orginally would have at the salon in order to fix this mess. Salons call it - color correction - and they charge more. What they mean is - I'm charging you more because you are a flaming idiot. Important tip: If you leave it on too long - you may fry your hair and it may break off. If you get it on your eyebrows, they will likely turn orange, this has happened, true story. If you are really going to try this - read the instructions and have a friend or non-judgemental spouse/boyfriend help.
If you are an advanced hair gal like me, or just plain can try the reverse process - where you pull through darker, real hair dye through the cap - or what they call in the salon - lowlights... more on this in the future.

So there you have it - simple, easy and effective. If you are saying - OMG - I could never do that!!??. Book an appointment somewhere. Get it done professionally.

Happy Holidays,
Cha Cha Coconuts

About Cha Cha Coconuts - I'm Erin - I write a blog about my crazy life and my quest to live a happier, healthier life. I'm a mother, sister, daughter, wife and breast cancer survivor! Read all about my cha cha coconuts life here!

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