Monday, September 26, 2011

Smokey Look with MAC Pigment

The smokey eye is always so popular.  I have a feeling I'll be posting a lot of tutorials/looks on how to create it.  This time I decided to use a pigment instead of just shadows alone.  MAC's naked pigment is so pretty.  Not only do I use it on my eyes, but I mix it with my foundation and body lotion.  It just gives you the J.Lo glow!  Anyways, find out what I used to create the look below.

Espresso eye shadow - Fill in your eyebrows with an angle brush.  Just follow your natural brow shape.  Remember to brush the shadow upwards. 

Groundwork Paint Pot – Apply on the inner, middle, and outer part of lid.  This is a neutral base that is going to make the eye shadow stick to the lid and also allow the color to show brightly.  Make sure to blend out the paint with a blending brush so that it's not too thick on the lid.

Naked Pigment - Over top of Groundwork paint pot in the inner half of lid only pat and pack the color on.  Not too much of the pigment a little goes a long way!                                                                                                                                 
Contrast eye shadow - On the outer crease work the color in with a 217 blending brush in an outer V formation.
Typographic eye shadow - Just a little on the crease, just beneath the brow bone.  Blend along with Contrast eye shadow so there isn't a harsh edge.
Matchmaster foundation 7.0 - Just a small amount on the brow bone. 

Blacktrack Fluidline Eye liner gel - Line your upper lash line from the inner part of your eye to the outer. 

Engraved Powerpoint eye pencil – Line the waterline and lower lash line.  Then take a 219 pencil brush and smudge Contrast eye shadow on the lower lash line. 

Duo Lash Adhesive- needed for false lash application.  Please invest in this 8$ lash glue.  One tube will last about a year!

False lashes (#7) - My favorite lashes right now by MAC.  But you can use whatever you like.  Red Cherry or Smoke and Mirror lashes are great too!

Beet Lip Pencil - I wasn't too crazy about the lip pencil I used LOL. 

Cremesheen Glass Boy Bait - Apply to the center of each lip and rub lips together for a nice even coat.  Use a brush to fill in the lips if needed.  My new favorite gloss that goes great with any pencil!


Matchmaster foundatin 7.0 - Apply with a 187 brush and start from the center of your face and blend out. 

Mineralize Skinfinish Powder (over top of the foundation) - Use the same 187 brush and apply all over your face. 

Blot Powder Pressed - Dust it over the oily spots with a large powder brush and you are good to go.  I reapply this as much as needed throughout the day.

What do you think?  Send me pics if you decide to try the look!  As always, if you have a request send it my way to  I'll do my best to post my interpretation of it on the blog.

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