Monday, September 26, 2011

The Perfect Match!

Finding the perfect foundation for your skin can be discouraging.  I can't count how many times I've picked a foundation, and had to return it because it's not what I thought it was.  Thank gosh for liberal return policies!  No more having to worry about getting a refund because MAC's new Matchmaker Foundation eliminates all the confusion.  The shade collection makes it easy to find the perfect match for your complexion.  I decided to purchase the foundation and test it out myself.  This is my video review (sorry for the poor lighting LOL) along with more details below.

"With our all races credo, we’re redefined what a perfect match should be with new Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 technology, using translucent pigments to create a formula that enables a fully personalized finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin tone. Adding to Matchmaster’s true-to-life appeal is its moisturizing demi-matte finish, medium buildable coverage, and line-reducing soft focus powders. Add the fact that this formula reduces excess shine-creating oil, and who could resist?"

Matchmaster Shade Matching Reference
  • 1.0 | NC15
  • 1.5 | NW15
  • 2.0 | NC20, NC25, NW20
  • 3.0 | NC30
  • 4.0 | NC 35, NC37, NW30
  • 5.0 | NC40, NC41, NC42
  • 6.0 | NW33, NW35, NC44
  • 7.0 | NW40, NW43, NC45
  • 7.5 | NC50, NC55
  • 8.0 | NW44, NW45
  • 8.5 | NW46, NW47
  • 9.0 | NW48
  • 9.5 | NW50, NW55
  • 10.0 | NW58, NW60
Available now for $32.50.

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  1. Yayyy!!! Kudos to MAC for this new program and kudos to you for this vlog! Foundation can be soooo scary and you nailed it for us!

  2. how did i miss this?!? i absolutely love it!!! looking forward to more product reviews and more vlogs!!!


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