Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Blog Has Just Been iFabbo Endorsed!

Blog News!!!!!  I'm excited to announce that Makeup Not Down has just become iFabbo endorsed. Whoo hoo! *throws confetti* Notice the little seal of approval in the sidebar on the right hand side.

Unfamiliar with iFabbo?  Well it's an international organization for Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Bloggers.  They have networking events all over the world and you get to try out new products and meet companies you may not have known of.  iFabbo is a great platform to bring bloggers together. 

As a member you have to agree to their blogger commitments and expectations.  These guidelines are pretty simple and fair.  But that way you know all iFabbo members are adhering to the same rules and codes of conduct.  I'm just honored to be accepted as a member.

I look forward to attending my first iFabbo event and can't wait to see what iFabbo has in store for the future.

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