Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girls Love a Guy Who Can Keep His Cool

Vann aka @Skateboard_V is here with a must read "manly" review.  After much talk over the latest Axe commercials and ad campaigns he decided to give it a try himself.  But who in their right mind would think a man would actually like the smell of Axe?  Let me tell ya, I haven't heard the end of the so called "Axe Effect" ever since he's tried the new scent Cool Metal. ~MakeupNotDown

I’ve made fun of Axe and it's ad campaigns in the past.  I "LOL" as I read the can's instructions "spray on underarms, chest and neck."  Apparently boys and and men are overzealous with application.  But I’m not here to talk about grooming habits, only to review what scents come my way.

Cool Metal has a powdery, fresh, clean scent which is very neutral and not overpowering like most of Axe's other scents.  It smells no less expensive than colognes you'll find at Nordstrom or Macy's that cost ten times more.  In fact I find it just as wearable as Ralph Lauren Polo (approach the scent with an open mind.)  After application the scent sticks to the skin for a very long time.  Cool Metal by Axe is an everyday scent for the "everyday" guy.  Whether your in chucks and a v neck, or a button down and a tie.  Axe body spray carries over appropriately for any occasion.

Remember, it’s not what you wear, it’s how much you wear of it.

All things sexy and cool,


  1. lol this is too cute!!! i can't believe you've been sleeping on axe!!! i love the stuff on my man. he has the shower gel, the shower poof, and the spray. think i will go a re-up on the red and black can. as always...great post

  2. LOL the whole collection? Yea I was sleeping!!

  3. Haha yea I def notice how overpowering Axe products are, that's kind of why I tend not to buy them but I just might consider trying this out the next time I'm out shopping for my smell good products, even though it'll be pretty hard to shy away from Old Spice and their products which are just too smooth!

  4. i don't know. i just can't do axe. it just seems cheap to me. i think i'll stick with soap and water and one of my colognes. right now i'm really feeling gucci's guilty.

  5. Anonymous comment sent by email:

    To piggy back on the closing of this blog "Remember, it’s not what you wear, it’s how much you wear of it." .. it's also WHEN YOU APPLY! lol.. You gonna have cats throwing axe on in lieu of showers... doesnt work that way!
    I do use the shower gels (on occasion)... Will def try the cool metal!

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