Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's in Your Fave 5?

I'm a MAC fan but for some reason, the lipsticks, lipglasses, dazzleglasses, and plushglasses break me out.  Booo!  But I found something that's not too sticky, light on the lips, and hypoallergenic.  Because who needs tiny little itchy red bumps on their lips?  Anyways..MAC's lip gelées gets two thumbs up from me! I have so many different shades, but the five pictured below are my favorites. I think most if not all are discontinued, so I'll be on the hunt to replenish them.  I think the lip gelées are rather overshadowed by all the rest of MAC's lip products.  They are perfect for everyday wear, nights out, or when you are on the go.  Besides, I'm just a sucker for anything in a squeeze tube.

Left to Right - Moonstone, Amber Russe, Saplicious, Goldensoft, Slicked Pink
Description - A soft jelly-textured glosser for the lips. Fab to apply. Squeezes on. Distributes evenly and easily via its special slanted tip. Moisturizes and conditions the lips - saps them up! Makes them look wet, shiny, super-lush! Comes in a wide range of sheer, soft tints

Left to right:
Moonstone - Oh how I love you!  It's a frosty pink, champagne like color with lots of shimmer. Great on all complexions.  Definitely one of my favorite gelée's that I wear all the time.
Amber Russe - Dark purple or plum like shade with a hint of shimmer, looks great with MAC's Dervish lip pencil.
Saplicious - Shows as a really neutral, nude-ish color.  No sparkles, no shimmer.  I pair this with MAC's Summerfruit Cremestick Liner for the perfect nude lip.
Goldensoft - This is a gorgeous shimmery golden color.  It's really pretty on tan skin tones, since it's a very bronze color.  I wear it with MAC's Hodgepodge lip liner and it gives my lips such a beautiful nude honey tone.
Slicked Pink - gorgeous light, bright coral color that gives me just a tint of color, and high shine.  Looks good with a natural or smokey eye.

So what's in your fave 5?  Lip Gelées usually sell out fast.  So snatch them up while you can.  Which reminds me...I need to add a few to my collection.

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  1. I already have saplicious, goldensoft, and slicked pink in my collection!!! I definitely need to add moonstone and amber russe.

  2. Oh how I miss living in MD...When I lived there, I got all my gelee's from a secret spot. I need to hit them up again ASAP! lol. My favs are Luxure and Lilacrush.


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