Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Body Makeup...For Legs?

Do you remember my scoop post on the MAC Bronze Everyday Collection?  Since summer is almost here I thought I get a head start on my subtle but natural looking glow.  I bought MAC's Skinsheen leg spray (one of the products from the collection) the other day and I'm already in love!  It's a gel based bronzer that you spray on your legs or hands and then apply for an instant sun kissed look!  I tried the medium dark shade (sheer soft tan with golden tan pearl).  This is the first time I've tried a bronzing product and I must say I'm completely happy with it.  More product details below.

As you can see, it sprays like a mousse out of the aerosol can.  It looks kind of thick on the first pump but goes on smooth and evenly. 

I had a big concern that it might break me out (yes I have very sensitive skin) but it doesn't.  At first glance it appears very glossy.  However, skinsheen has a great texture, satin-y and not oily, very light on the skin and is unscented.

After a few minutes the product is fully absorbed into the skin.  It needs to be blended with your hands but the time it takes to dry is practically none!  It doesn't look orangey at all and actually makes your legs look more toned.  ~MND Note: works best on exfoliated skin

No prep work, no carrot hands, and doesn't leave a stain on your clothes!  Oh and I forgot to mention that it's water resistant too!  Not bad for a simple spray on product.

Available now from MAC Cosmetics!
MAC Bronzing 360 Skin Sheen Leg Spray in Medium/Dark – $26.50

I can't wait to put on a sexy, short dress and show off my legs.  This is definitely a must have for the spring and summer.  Do you want and need this product in your life like I do?  Are your legs ready for summer?  This is a really nice product and totally worth every penny.

Image by FlamingText.com


  1. wow i think i may have to try this for my trip to vegas

  2. i love this!! i hate my light skin legs

  3. Sole Girl, I was about to type the same thing! I'm going to Vegas for the first time next month and the first thing I thought was "I'm going to get this for my trip to Vegas!" lol

  4. I purchased one of these from my CCO....need to pull it out now that the weather is getting right.



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