Monday, March 14, 2011

Current Must Have: Neutrogena Advanced Solutions

In the middle of the night I came across an infomercial for an affordable 3 step acne skin care treatment by Neutrogena.  You've probably seen or heard about Neutrogena Advanced Solutions, but have you tried it?

During my teenage years I never had a problem with acne.  When I hit the age of 27 things started to change.  My outbreaks weren't severe, but they were constant.  You know...right around that "time" of the month lol.  My skin would breakout with little red bumps and sometimes very painful big whiteheads.  Luckily I found a product that wasn't harsh on my skin and left my complexion looking flawless. 

After about a week of consistent use I started seeing noticeable results.  The kit contains a face wash (salicylic acid and glycolic acid),  benzoyl peroxide gel (2.5%), and then a follow-up moisturizer for acne-prone skin.  Start with using the face wash twice a day and oil-free SPF 15 lotion after cleansing.  I only used the acne control benzoyl peroxide gel on really bad bumps because it can be a little drying.  I don't know what it is, but something in the formula of each of these products is so gentle to the skin. 

Neutrogena cleared up my skin and also has been preventing more break outs.  I really love this product and have been using it for about 2 years now.  Neutrogena Advanced Solutions is available for $19.99 at most retail or drug stores everywhere. 

I would definitely recommend this to a friend and of course my lovely readers! 

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  1. *screams* Yes you recommended this to me and I LOVE it! I stopped using it for a month or two and it was sooooo obvious=breakout city. I'm back in my routine and my skin is looking pretty darn good! Thanks {again} chica!

  2. yes i will be picking up this product. my co-worker said she is using some product that is $200 for the whole clear-skin system ~puh ha~ i need to put her on to your blog. cause $19.99 is better on the pockets.

  3. $200??? Crazy! Yes tell her to checkout MND!

  4. i had to revisit your post and tell you that this product is simply awesome. it takes a little longer than the 2 days listed on the box, but in about a week your skin does seem to be clearer and acne free. ~thanks again~


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