Monday, January 10, 2011

Scoop Post: MAC Lightfully Bright Collection

In February, MAC launches the Lightfully Bright Collection.  This is a skincare collection that was developed in Asia.  MAC's skincare line includes a special triple brightening action and mineral charged water technology to make skin bright and lustrous.  Four limited edition lip glasses will also compliment the collection.  Pics below..enjoy! 

Astro Cool- Light lavender with pink shimmer
Atmospheric- Baby pink with pink and blue shimmer
Ethereal- Pale blue with pink shimmer
Outer Space- Snowy white with subtle pink shimmer

 MAC Lightful creams and moisturizers
Active Softening Lotion
Charged Essence
Foaming Creme Cleanser
Hydro Charged Moisturizer -
I like this because you can mix it with your foundation
Deep Ultra Moisture Creme -
my personal favorite, it's so light and non-greasy

I'm not sure how I feel about blue and white lip glass but I'll definitely be picking up a jar of the deep ultra moisture creme.

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  1. I think I'll grab the hydro charged moisturizer(for the sole purpose of being able to mix it w/ foundation) and the Astro Cool l/g.


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