Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just When You Thought Barbie Had Everything...

Get your own custom manicure with Mattel's Barbie Dolled Up Nails Digital Nail Printer.  You can create quality designs for your nails at home.  Just insert your nail, select a design, size it to fit your nail, click print, and your done!  Printing only takes a few seconds and the designs last up to four days!  OMG I need this in my life!

The Good:
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Over 1000 nail designs to choose from
  • You can upload your very own art
The Bad:
  • It's a little expensive ($179.99)
  • Doesn't work with a Mac
Will you set your digits apart from the rest with the latest trend in nail design???


  1. WOW!!! Because I do not have acrylic or a layover on my nails, every time I go to the salon to get my nails designed, it never last. This would be so much more convenient and inexpensive in the long run. Love the post.

  2. Ryann just got a Disney Fairy thing like this for Christmas. She would pass out if she got this and I can't lie...I kinda want it too!


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