Monday, January 31, 2011

10 Must Have Beauty Bargains - 10$ or less!

I was really excited to do this post because who isn't on a budget these days?!?  Sometimes its challenging finding quality inexpensive beauty products.  But don't fret MakeupNotDown is here with 10 must have beauty products that won't leave your pockets empty.  Check out these fab finds in no particular order.

1.  Benefit High Beam To Go, $10

Give your complexion a glow with just a few drops of this.  A little goes a long way without shelling out the big bucks. Mix it with your foundation or moisturizer for a soft shimmer.  Or apply it directly to the apple of your cheeks.  Perfect coverage for all complexions and it doesn't make you look too shiny. Also comes in a convenient travel size.

2. Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof Antiperspirant/Deodorant, $8

I must admit $8 for deodorant sounds a little expensive.  I'm used to paying 99 cents for dryness protection that Suave provides.*shrugs*  But when I got a sample of Secret's Clinical Strength Waterproof Deodorant in the mail I was impressed!  It's a roll-on that doesn't leave your under arms feeling sticky or gooey.  It controls odor and wetness throughout the day.  Trust me, don't SWEAT paying the extra couple of dollars its worth it. ;)

3.  Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle, $10 

Hate bikini waxes but want an easier more affordable way to keep your lawn mowed?  Try Schick Quattro!  On one end is a four-blade disposable razor on the other, a waterproof battery powered trimmer.  It provides all over smoothness and a neat bikini area.  Plus, it's a lot easier than scissors, hot wax, or using your man's beard trimmer.  Oh by the way, battery is included.  Ladies need I say more?

4.  Pond's Original All Day Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes, $5

Sensitive skin?  Pond's Towelettes are alcohol and oil free, and hypoallergenic.  Which makes them a personal favorite.  Rub off stubborn makeup with a gentile swipe.  Just one is big enough to cleanse your entire face thoroughly. The towelettes are super moist and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky or irritated.  Perfect before and after workouts.  Available at most drug stores, 30 towelettes in a pack.

5.  Carmax Healing Lotion and Healing Cream, $5

Trust your lips to Carmex?  Look out for the same yellow and red cap packaging but for the skin instead.  Now your skin can have the same protection against the harsh winter with Carmex Healing Lotion and Cream.  Use the healing lotion all over or the Cream on rougher spots like your knees and elbows.  It absorbs fast and has a non-greasy formula.  My latest addiction available only at Walgreens and

6.  Conair Spiral Curlers, $8

Curling irons and flat irons...yeah I can never get the perfect curl either without frying my ends off. Conair Spiral Curlers make it easy to get the red carpet spiral curl look that lasts and holds.  $8 for a pack of 12 these bendable foam rods are easy on your hair.  Simple to use and works well on wet or dry hair.  Set and lock the comfortable foam rods in place and voila!  No pins or clips required.

7.  Evolution of Smooth Shave Cream, $5

Say goodbye to razor burn with EOS Shave Cream.  EOS is an affordable brand that never really caught my eye until now.  Their shave cream is great and definitely a must try.  I love the recycled plastic packaging (YAY no more rust), and convenient pump style.  I recommend trying it if you have sensitive skin. It leaves the legs as smooth as can be.  You can also shave wet or dry.  Another bonus is the amazing scents its available in.

8.  E.L.F. Essentials Shine Eraser, $1

Shiny face?  Hate carrying around powder?  Well throw away the paper napkins and stop powdering your forehead every hour.  Try E.L.F.'s Essentials Shine Eraser.  The tiny little sheets absorb oil in the T-zone and anywhere else on your face.  Just pull the sheet from the envelope and blot away.  Not only do they soak up facial oils but it's leaves your makeup intact! Great for on the go touch ups.  Only 50 sheets for $1.  But if you go to E.L.F. and use the code VDAY you can get them for 50 cents!  *screaming* Now that is consumer surplus.

9.  Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss, $7

Toss a couple of these in your purse and you're ready to go.  Beauty Rush Lip Gloss is tasty and shiny like two treats in one!  It has a hint of shimmer and its not too thick.  Which makes the gloss great for everyday wear. It also comes in a wide range of colors suitable for everybody.  Do take advantage of the 5 for $25 deals when they come along.  Proof that everything in Victoria's Secret isn't over priced.


10.  Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Pillow Mist, $10

Toss and turn no more.  Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Pillow Mist is perfect to help you unwind from a long day.  Spray a light mist over your pillow right before bed time and relax the night away.  As you gently inhale, the scents of lavender and vanilla produce a calming and soothing effect on the body.  The light and fresh smell of the mist induces relaxation and sleep.  Bye-bye insomnia! 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

HELP...Too Many Eye Shadows!

I'm ashamed to admit that I have a big collection of MAC eye shadows.  Some I use all the time, others not so much.  Going through my makeup drawer gave me some inspiration to put together some combinations.  If you have a bunch of eye shadows sitting in your cabinet and don't know what to pair them with, then this post is for you! Oh by the way...I also swatched the colors so you can see how pretty they are.  Enjoy!

Crystal - inner corner / tear duct
Parfait Amour - center of the lid
Beauty Marked - lightly on the outer lid /crease
Blacktrack - to line upper lash line

Left to right : Crystal, Parfait Amour, Beauty Marked, Blacktrack
*Each shade was swatched dry.  Except for Blacktrack which is a an ultra smooth eye liner gel.

Painterly Paint Pot - on the lid as a base
Retrospeck - on the lid
Charcoal Brown - in the crease
Shroom - to highlight on the brow bone
Blacktrack - to line upper lash line

Left to right: Painterly Paint Pot, Retrospeck, Charcoal Brown, Shroom, Blacktrack
* Each shade was swatched dry.  Except for Blacktrack and Painterly Paint pot.

Mink Pink - on the lid
Carbon - on outer crease
Espresso - on inner crease
Shroom - to highlight on the brow bone
Blacktrack - to line upper lash line

Left to right: Mink Pink, Carbon, Espresso, Shroom, Blacktrack
*Each shade was swatched dry.  Except for Blacktrack which is a an ultra smooth eye liner gel.

As you can see I've put these colors to work.  I would never suggest anything I wouldn't use myself.  Have any MAC eyeshadow combinations you would like to share?  Post a comment and let me know.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Scoop Post: MAC Lightfully Bright Collection

In February, MAC launches the Lightfully Bright Collection.  This is a skincare collection that was developed in Asia.  MAC's skincare line includes a special triple brightening action and mineral charged water technology to make skin bright and lustrous.  Four limited edition lip glasses will also compliment the collection.  Pics below..enjoy! 

Astro Cool- Light lavender with pink shimmer
Atmospheric- Baby pink with pink and blue shimmer
Ethereal- Pale blue with pink shimmer
Outer Space- Snowy white with subtle pink shimmer

 MAC Lightful creams and moisturizers
Active Softening Lotion
Charged Essence
Foaming Creme Cleanser
Hydro Charged Moisturizer -
I like this because you can mix it with your foundation
Deep Ultra Moisture Creme -
my personal favorite, it's so light and non-greasy

I'm not sure how I feel about blue and white lip glass but I'll definitely be picking up a jar of the deep ultra moisture creme.

Friday, January 7, 2011

MAC Recent and Future 2011 Collections

Yes I am totally obsessed with MAC! LOL, but seriously below is the recent and upcoming makeup collections list for MAC.  Just trying to give my readers the exclusives! :)

  • Peacocky - 1.03.11
  • Mickey Contractor - 1.06.11
  • Finally Flawless - 1.13.11
  • Viva Glam VII - 2.2.11
  • Spring Color - 2.10.11
  • Future face - 2.17.11
  • Lightfully Bright - 2.2011
  • Jeanius 3.3.11
  • Sheen Supreme lipstick - 3.3.11
  • Cremeblend blush - 3.3.11
  • Quite cute - 4.7.11
  • Primed for perfection - 4.7.11
  • Big bounce shadow & zoom colored mascara - 5.5.11
  • Magically cool liquid powder - 5.5.11
  • Daisy & studio fix bold black lash - 5.5.11
  • Surf Baby- to be released in 2 parts - 5.26.11
  • Wonder Woman - Spring 2011

I can't wait for the Wonder Woman collection..I know it will be totally awesome.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pucker Up Dollfaces...Mwah!

Make Up For Ever is known for their fabulous line of intense, vibrant, colors that last forever.  So it's only fitting that they have an uber fab lip gloss line as well.  Lab Line available in 35 different shades retails at 18$ each.  Each gloss contains the brands own pearl pigments that reflect the light which creates more lip shine.  Make Up For Ever's Lab Shine is available in 3 finishes - the Diamond, Star, and Metal Collection.  Pics and details below.

Diamond Collection

12 new colors that’s inspired by Make Up For Ever’s Diamond Powder for instant shimmer and glittery shine.
  • #D0 Diamond
  • #D2 Amethyst
  • #D4 Grenadine
  • #D6 Magenta
  • #D8 Baby Pink
  • #D10 Fresh Pink
  • #D12 Quartz Pink
  • #D14 Indian Pink
  • #D16 Beige
  • #D18 Copper
  • #D20 Tangerine
  • #D22 Papaya

Star Collection

14 new shades that’s mixed with Make Up For Ever’s Star Powder for a pearl finish.
  • #S0 Nude
  • #S2 Light Beige
  • #S4 Pink Beige
  • #S6 Peach
  • #S8 Ruby Red
  • #S10 Caramel
  • #S12 Praline
  • #S14 Black Currant
  • #S16 Raspberry
  • #S18 Rosewood
  • #S20 Violet
  • #S22 Candy Pink
  • #S24 Coral
  • #S26 Electric Pink

Metal Collection

9 new colors which blends Make Up For Ever’s Metal Powder for a chrome, metallic effect
  • #M0 Onyx
  • #M2 Grey Pearl
  • #M4 Tobacco
  • #M6 Hazel Brown
  • #M8 Brown
  • #M10 Morello Cherry
  • #M12 Sienna
  • #M14 Candy
  • #M8 Frozen Pink

Super duper crazed already?  Will you try any of the glosses from Make Up Forever's Lab Shine collection?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just When You Thought Barbie Had Everything...

Get your own custom manicure with Mattel's Barbie Dolled Up Nails Digital Nail Printer.  You can create quality designs for your nails at home.  Just insert your nail, select a design, size it to fit your nail, click print, and your done!  Printing only takes a few seconds and the designs last up to four days!  OMG I need this in my life!

The Good:
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Over 1000 nail designs to choose from
  • You can upload your very own art
The Bad:
  • It's a little expensive ($179.99)
  • Doesn't work with a Mac
Will you set your digits apart from the rest with the latest trend in nail design???

Monday, January 3, 2011

Scoop Post: MAC & Mickey!

Some of you might ask who is Mickey Contractor and why is he relevant?  Not only is he a director but he is Bollywood's best makeup artist.  MAC and Mickey have teamed up to launch a collection for Indian, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic skin tones. Designed by Mickey himself the collection will include lipstick, lipglass, eye shadow, fluidline, select moisturecover concealer,  studio fix fluid SPF 15 foundation (my fav), powder blush, brushes, and prep + prime transparent finishing powder.  The 28 piece collection launches January 6th...exciting!

Those who have lighter skin often have a hard time finding makeup that looks good with their complexion, due to their natural yellowish undertones.  If you have an olive, beige, or naturally tan skin tone than this is for you!

Features below!

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation ($26.00)

Moisturecover Concealer ($16.50)

Moisturecover Double-End Concealer ($21.00) 
Coral Corrector/Yellow Corrector (LE)

Lipstick ($14.50)
Yash Deep neutral (Matte) (LE)
Gulabi Bright fuchsia (Amplified) (LE)
Mehr Midtone blue pink (Matte) (LE)
Mocha Peachy yellow brown (Satin) (P)

Lipglass ($14.50)
Flesh Midtone nude brown (Frost) (LE)
Lust Soft muted pink (Frost) (P)

Athma Eyeshadow Quad ($36.00)
Jaan Light neutral with soft gold pearl (Lustre) (LE)
Vivah Brown with gold pearl (Lustre) (LE)
Folie Reddish plum brown (Satin) (P)
Carbon Matte black (Matte) (P)

Eyeshadow ($14.50)
Oomph Forest green with soft gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl) (LE)
Marvel Deep purple with soft pink pearl (Frost) (LE)
Rani Bright fuchsia with soft pink pearl (Frost) (LE)
Saffron Deep coral caramel (Satin) (LE)

Fluidline ($15.00)
Siahi Deep turquoise blue (LE)
Ivy Bright green (LE)

Blush ($18.50)
Gana Bright white gold (Frost) (LE)
Sur Mid tone rose brown (Satin) (LE)

The entire collection is limited edition and will probably sell out fast.  What are your thoughts?
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