Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday Beauty Look: Frosty Eyes

I decided to have some fun with my makeup this past weekend since it was my birthday!!! YAY!  I experimented with frosty and neutral shadows.  I've never tried a frosty look before because I'm more of a smokey eye type of girl.  But I think I will work with the colors more in the future.  Besides, the look is very winter appropriate!

Espresso eye shadow - Fill in the eyebrows with an angle brush.  Just follow your natural brow shape.

Groundwork Paint Pot – Apply on the inner, middle, and outer part of lid.  This is a neutral base that is going to make the eye shadow stick to the lid and also allow the color to show brightly.

Blanc Type eye shadow - Over top of Groundwork paint pot in the inner half of lid only pat and pack the color onto the lid.
Brun eye shadow - On the outer crease work the color in with a 217 blending brush in an outer V formation
Carbon eye shadow – On the outer crease over top of Brun eye shadow.  Gently blend the color in circular motions with the same 217 blending brush.

Dazzlelight eye shadow - Apply a little to the brow bone for the perfect highlight.  Be careful and don't apply too much.  The shadow is really bright and silvery the last thing you want to look like is a clown.

Blacktrack Fluidline Eye liner gel - *artistic part* Line the upper lash line with an angle brush.  Extend the lash line up towards the end of the brow as much as you want.  Don't be afraid to be dramatic.  The key is to make the line as close to the lash line as possible.  You can go back later and make it fatter if you want.

Smolder eye khol pencil – Line the waterline and lower lash line.  Then take a 219 pencil brush and use dazzlelight eye show to apply over top of the smolder eye khol pencil from the outside to halfway in. 

Peachtwist Sheertone Shimmer Blush - Apply to the apples of your cheek. (I like to apply a little to my temples too)  Make sure to smile while your doing it :)

False lashes (#36)
Duo Adhesive
Studio Fix Foundation
Mineralize Skinfinish Powder (over top of the foundation)

All MAC products again because that's what I like :)  Check out the full lid pic.....

What do you guys think?  Easy or Complicated?  Try the colors out for yourself and send me pics!  Remember its just makeup you can always wash it off.

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  1. Pleeeeeeease teach me how to do eye makeup. :) (it's @jskDC)


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