Monday, November 15, 2010

The Perfect Nude Lip for Women of Color

Some stars like Taylor Swift, Gweneth Paltrow, and Christina Aguilera are loving the cherry tomato red lip trend.  Generally speaking, blonds look best in blue reds, berry reds, and brick reds.  Bold red lips add instant Hollywood glamour.  The color is also ultra sophisticated and mature.  However, a near naked pout is sexy and classy!

For fair skin complexions I recommend a punchy, pinky, pale lip.  First, make sure your lips are soft and supple before applying the lipstick.  Apply a little bit of moisturizer, balm, or primer before you start.  Next stain the lips with MAC's lipstick in Lustre.  Then use a lip brush (you should invest in one) and apply Cremesheen Glass in Richer, Lusher to the center of the lip.  Move the brush back and forth to blend with the lipstick. Voila! It's that easy!

Now the below is a more beigey-bare lip color.  Sometimes a nude lip is harder to achieve on women of color because our lips are naturally darker.  Here's a tip: start with applying a little bit of foundation to the lip to make them appear lighter.  Next use MAC's Cremestick liner in Summerfruit to naturally line the shape of your lips.  The liner should blend into your lips.  YOU NEVER WANT TO SEE THE LINER!  Now apply MAC's Lip Gelee in Saplicious over top of the liner and you're done! 

What do you think about the colors?  Will you try it?  Drop a few comments and lets discuss!



  1. I definitely will try the colors. We as WOC can get soooo intimidated when it comes to nude and pink lips. The myth that 'we' cant wear a nude or pink or even red(just thought about that one) definitely needs to be dispelled and you knocked it out the park w/ this post. Kudos!

  2. omg that lip pencil does not look like chestnut *sadface* it has been so hard for me to part with my dark lip pencils. but i do believe i will be trying this look this weekend for a wedding im attending.


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