Friday, November 19, 2010

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 4 Lipstick

The internet is buzzing over the callorbation of MAC and Nicki Minaj producing a "Pink Friday" lipstick!  This will coincide with the rappers' debut album "Pink Friday."  The pink lipstick goes on sale at MAC’s website next Friday, November 26th.  Nicki did a sneak peek of the lipstick on the Wendy Williams show yesterday and it was sooooo pretty.  It will only be sold and available online for the next four consecutive Fridays at The price is the same as regular MAC lipsticks which is currently $14.50 USD.

Will You buy the Barbie Pink Limited Edition shade?  I wonder if MAC's website will crash lol?


  1. I'm debating if I'm going to buy it or not. I've heard that it's a dupe of Pink Nouveau which is Ms Minaj's favorite MAC lip color. Are you going to buy it?

  2. I'm gonna purchase it and do a giveway since I can't wear their lipsticks. Ugh..breaks me out!

  3. I hope it's not too much like Pink Nouvea b/c I already have that one. Every Friday that I tried ordering the website was so slow (everyone was literally on the site @ 11:59 trying to order it) and finally the last friday I got it. Can't wait to try it...I'm a sucker for pink lipstick.

    -Melissa of SuperGlamNews


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