Monday, October 25, 2010

All The Leaves Are Brown, and Perhaps Your Skin Is Too!

I'm not ready for the Winter and the idea of freezing weather makes me shiver. If you're like me (HATE the cold) than this look is for you! I used a few products from the MAC to the beach collection which was not my favorite.  But somehow I found a way to create a soft natural look using color. Yes you read what I wrote correctly! I actually used red eye shadow (well more like coral) on my lid....see below!

Face - Use foundation where needed. I applied it to my entire face but you don't have to.  Its whatever you wanna do!  Powder the shiny areas only.  Remember less is more.
* Studio Fix liquid foundation, Mineralize Powder (to set your foundation), and Blot powder (if needed)

Eyes - I tried to use colors that are natural, neutral, and matte but somehow red got thrown into the mix.  Apply painterly paint pot to the entire lid and brow bone with the 252 brush.  Then softly blend it out with the 222 brush.  You want a nice even then layer covering the eye, the paint pot is your base.  Use Espresso eyeshadow and the 226 angle brush to fill in your eyebrows.  Just follow the natural shape of your brow and fill in where needed.  Now pack on Firecracker eyeshadow (there's goes the red lol) to the inner lid with the same 252 brush.  Then blend it out with the 222 brush.  Apply Rice Paper eye shadow on the brow bone with the 224 brush.  Not too much just sweep a little of it on.  Take Smolder Eye Khol and apply it to your water line.  Then go back with a 217 pencil brush and use Firecracker eyeshadow (yes the's okay lol) to line the lower lash line.  You want to sort of smudge it in with the Eye Khol pencil.  Finsh the eye by lining the upperlash line with Blacktrack fluidline eye liner gel.  Use an angle brush to get the perfect line.  TIP: the harder you press on the brush the thicker the line will be!
*Painterly paint pot, Firecracker eyeshadow, Rice Paper eyeshadow, Espresso Eyeshadow, Blacktrack fluidline eye liner gel, and Smolder Eye Khol pencil

Cheeks - Warm and Sunny just like a summer day!  This was the inspiration for the post right?  Apply blush to the apples of the cheek.  You know, right in the center.  Just look in the mirror, smile, and apply in a circular motion.  YUP YOU GOT IT!  Easy right?
*MAC Hipness Blush

Lips - *sigh* OK so I must admit lipstick breaks me out!! *double sigh* I have nothing on my lips in this post.  But I never like to let my readers down.  Use these colors for a really pretty neutral lip.
*Line the lips with MAC cremestick liner in SummerFruit and top it off with a warm Lip Gelée like Sapalicious

I almost forgot...complete this entire look off with several coats of masacara.  Or apply falsh lashes like I have on in the pic.  I love false lashes it always gives that extra "umph" LOL.

What are your thoughts on the MAC to the beach collection?  Try the colors out for yourself.  As always send me pics so I can see your looks :)

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