Wednesday, October 6, 2010

About Me

Cherise Johnson, is overly obsessed with makeup (MAC in particular, lol.) She got her first lip gloss (Purr, a light baby pink color) at the age of 17 for prom and she has been a beauty addict ever since!
Cherise grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland and has lived there all of her life. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland and currently works as a Buyer for a non-profit company. Her current job and degree have nothing to do with beauty but she still loves blogging about all of the fabulous products nevertheless.
Through her love of cosmetics and anything beauty related, she decided to step out into the blogging world and created Makeup Not Down. On her site she shares her honest opinions as well as tips and tricks for fellow beauty lovers.

She enjoys spending time with friends, family, and working out in the gym. She is also addicted to eggrolls, shoes, and smell goods…in no particular order. :)
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